Friday, February 15, 2013

My name is Rieney Korov. I live with my family in Chelyabinsk of Chelyabinsk Oblast. This morning of Friday, February 15 a meteor hit near the mountains of my home. The Russian media has covered the meteor and the damage left. The world has now learned much of what happened as well.

When the meteor hit, my family was preparing for the day. We could see a light outside of our window and did not know what it could be. My mother said it was something from the weather, but then the blast hit. First the light spread everywhere. We watched until the hit from the meteor reached our home. Our home's door was broken by the force and our windows shattered.

My city is still shaken by the blast. They say it was one meteor. I do not know why this has happened, but I want to keep record of this and make it public for the world. There is much still to be seen.

I will update when possible. I do not know what we can do.

Like my father said Когда Миры Сталкиваются.